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Session 1 | Accelerating AI on the Grid: PMU Fundamentals & Intro to AI
Wednesday, October 21, 2020, 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM EDT
Category: CIGRE Academy Webinar

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Alexandra “Sascha” von Meier, University of California, Berkeley
Kevin Jones, Dominion Energy
Sean Murphy, PingThings
Laurel Dunn, University of California, Berkeley
Mohini Bariya, University of California, Berkeley
Miles Rusch, University of California, Berkeley

This two-part virtual tutorial is geared at training practitioners on how to use AI to analyze PMU (synchrophasor) data. The first session (PMU fundamentals) will provide a foundation for understanding and interpreting PMU measurement data and applications to practitioners at electric utilities. The second session (Intro to AI) will provide an introduction to Artificial Intelligence (AI), and will give attendees hands-on experience using AI to analyze PMU data in Python. The course will discuss opportunities for PMU data analytics to change best-practices in the industry, and participants will become practiced at using tools that can streamline workflows for digesting and visualizing time series data at scale.

Day 1 | October 21, 2020 | PMU Fundamentals
Day 1 will teach fundamental concepts from power systems engineering related to interpreting and analyzing PMU measurement data. This tutorial will both educate newcomers, and will serve as a useful refresher for seasoned experts. The course will go on to describe how PMU data are being applied in utility operations. Panelists will include Kevin Jones who has been instrumental in launching the PMU analytics program at Dominion. Their approach has been to connect analysts across the company with the training and tools they need to easily access PMU data; the program has unlocked unexpected opportunities for decision-makers to act on data in a more timely and more effective manner.

PMU Fundamentals (Day 1)

1. Understanding PMU data
(Alexandra von Meier, 45 min)
1.1. Introduction to phasors and
PMU measurements
1.2. PMU data and the grid: what
are we looking at, and why?

2. Applications for PMU data
(Kevin Jones, 45 min)
2.1. Applications for PMU data
2.2. How PMU data is changing the
way utilities operate

3. Introduction to NI4AI
(Sean Murphy, 30 min)
3.1. NI4AI data and content
3.2. Navigating the PredictiveGridTM
3.3. NI4AI resources